Cardiff WNBR 2017

Saturday 17 June 2017

Cardiff booked the sun once again :-)
Big thanks to everybody who helped make it happen and all the fantastic riders!

We’re celebrating bikes and bodies. We want to show that cycling is fun.
But we also have a serious message - to highlight how vulnerable cyclists are on the roads. Our roads are still too dangerous for many people to even consider cycling, and far too many cyclists are killed on the roads each year.
Research found that 8 in 10 Bristol residents want better safety for people riding bikes, and 70% of residents want to see more investment in cycling. Improving cycling could make a difference to Bristol's health - only 1 in 3 people in Bristol take regular exercise, and 196 deaths in Bristol each year are attributable to air pollution.

Find details of all the rides at

These photos are deliberately small and watermarked. If you are in a photo and would like a high quality copy, get in touch and I'll send it over. Or let me know if you want your photo blurred or removed.
Would you like more photos? - I'm looking for models.

Photo 1 -- Starting behind the museum

Photo 2 -- Bikediff

Photo 3 -- Great reactions from the crowd

Photo 4 -- A quick pause

Photo 5 -- Making weddings extra memorable

Photo 6 -- Splash in the fountains to cool off

Photo 7 -- Waiting for the lights to go green

Photo 8 -- Into the high street

Photo 9 -- Entertaining the tourists by the castle

Photo 10 -- Colourful characters

Photo 11 -- A good turnout

Photo 12 -- See us when we're not naked - thanks to all the traffic stewards

Photo 13 -- The Bike Shed

Photo 14 -- Pontcanna Fields

Photo 15 -- Smiling spectators

Photo 16 -- Nearly back

Photo 17 -- Big thanks to Mike and the other organisers who made this happen


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