Bristol WNBR 2017

Sunday 4 June 2017

Not the warmest of days, but we had a fantastic turnout! It never more than drizzled (not like the downpour of 2013) and the grey skies didn't dampen the marvellous mood. But the sun did make a welcome appearance later on in the ride.

This year I've tried hard to reflect the reality of the ride more accurately - there are many more men than women that join in. As always though, it's the riders that make it special :-)

Big thanks to all the brave and amazing riders, the Full Moon for hosting us once again and our second year with the primal drums of Batala Bristol. Special thanks to my fellow organisers and stewards, especially the ride leader Will.

We’re celebrating bikes and bodies. We want to show that cycling is fun.
But we also have a serious message - to highlight how vulnerable cyclists are on the roads. Our roads are still too dangerous for many people to even consider cycling, and far too many cyclists are killed on the roads each year.
Research found that 8 in 10 Bristol residents want better safety for people riding bikes, and 70% of residents want to see more investment in cycling. Improving cycling could make a difference to Bristol's health - only 1 in 3 people in Bristol take regular exercise, and 196 deaths in Bristol each year are attributable to air pollution.

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These photos are deliberately small and watermarked. If you are in a photo and would like a high quality copy, get in touch and I'll send it over. Or let me know if you want your photo blurred or removed.
Would you like more photos? - I'm looking for models.

Photo 1 -- Awesome graffiti with an amazing ride leader

Photo 2 -- The busy Full Moon courtyard, nearly ready to go!

Photo 3 -- Umbrella smiles

Photo 4 -- Leaving the Full Moon

Photo 5 -- Bikes, buses and taxis only

Photo 6 -- Into busy Broadmead

Photo 7 -- The fantastic Batala Bristol in Castle Park

Photo 8 -- Finzels Reach

Photo 9 -- Out of Castle Park

Photo 10 -- For another lap around the shops

Photo 11 -- Fuck Trump

Photo 12 -- Veni, vidi, vici

Photo 13 -- Great reactions from the crowd

Photo 14 -- Still not asking for it

Photo 15 -- Aerodynamic headwear, apparently

Photo 16 -- Second session with Batala Bristol

Photo 17 -- Nakedness, bikes, smiles, photos

Photo 18 -- The skies brighten during the drumming and dancing

Photo 19 -- A big turnout

Photo 20 -- Off again, through Castle Park

Photo 21 -- Strength in numbers

Photo 22 -- The front of the ride catches up with the rear, around Queen Square

Photo 23 -- Viva la Velorution

Photo 24 -- Very welcome sunshine, Queen Square

Photo 25 -- The revolution will not be motorized

Photo 26 -- Yes!

Photo 27 -- Millennium Square reflections

Photo 28 -- World Naked Bike Ride

Photo 29 -- Leaving Millennium Square

Photo 30 -- SS Great Britain

Photo 31 -- SS Great Britain

Photo 32 -- Entertaining the Bag O'Nails

Photo 33 -- Arriving at the City Hall

Photo 34 -- That's just some of the riders

Photo 35 -- Near the Cathedral

Photo 36 -- Winding though to Denmark Street

Photo 37 -- I love bikes

Photo 38 -- A lap of the Bear Pit

Photo 39 -- Back at the Full Moon, the sun shining!


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